Friday, January 26, 2007

Interesting Youtube Videos this Month

News Report on Lebanese Anti-Aussie Rappers- this video (above) is one of A Deeper Look's "Featured Videos of the Month"-- some videos of interest that you may not see elsewhere.

"Featured Videos of the Month" - January 2007 Selections
1- Martin Luther King's inspiring I Have a Dream speech
2- News report: Anti-Aussie rappers Bass Hill Boyz' message of hate
3- Australia's Leading Imam, Sheik al-Hilali, disses his country
4- UK Channel 4 documentary, Dispatches: Undercover Mosque
5- Peace Train, satirical video. With the music of Yusuf Islam ("Cat Stevens")
6- Iran: "We emphasize the peaceful nature of our nuclear weapons"- What Iran Plans for America
7- Iraq Study Group Satire. Chamberlain, Hitler, Ahmadinejad, Baker...
8- Israel's Raid on Iraq's Osiraq Nuclear Reactor (hard to believe...but this was 25 years ago)
9- Open Season: Music video by Stuck Mojo (the full CAIR Re-mix version)
10- And, for something a bit different...Melissa Theuriau... Reads the News

Scroll down the column on the left side of this weblog for links to these videos, as well as selections for past months... followed by some other links of interest.