Saturday, January 29, 2011

Recovery in California?


Check out bankruptcy stats. We're slowly creeping beyond highs only seen in the mid-90's.

With some cities, like San Diego, close to bankruptcy (we're talking the CITY might declare bankruptcy) it's pretty evident, we're still in an economic depression.

Some areas, like San Diego, Sacramenta, and even San Francisco to a lesser extent, continue to hit new highs for regular folks like you and me filings for bankruptcy.

However, that number is slowing. so we're hitting all time highs, but the rate at which the quarterly number (filings are calculated every quarter) seems to be slowing.

But it's still a full year perhaps from declining, and more afte rthat before recovery.

We're in it for th elong haul, and at this point I bet a ton of people are more interested in turning this ship around then screaming at politicians for 'not doing' enough.

Let's innovate and be better, and while we're at it keep the right people accountable.

Here are some more stats depending on where you're from (thanks to San Diego bankruptcy attorney Cecilia Chen for the stats compiled from Rand):

San Diego
Sacramento Bankruptcy
San Francisco Bankruptcy
LA Bankruptcy Stats

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tone it down


That's the word of the month in the wake of the Arizona shootings.

One thing Americans aren't regarded for is being quiet.

I do'nt advocate quietism/silence. I do, however, think we can improve in our listening skills, and as a result we may be able to disagree with each other in a much more, how do I say?, professional way.....

We'll never point the blame other than the shooter himself, so let's not go there.

But let's use this as a stark reminder that yelling at each other doesn't make us stronger. We can do better, no?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Under New Ownership

So I wanted to write about my life rolling through the wavy bumpy road of conservatism, and I wanted to reflect where I'm from, California, and then I stumbled across this blog and thought, why can't I write about it too?

So here I am, new to the world of blogging, and unaffiliated with whomever wrote here before (sorry if I don't match up.... :P)