Friday, January 14, 2011

Under New Ownership

So I wanted to write about my life rolling through the wavy bumpy road of conservatism, and I wanted to reflect where I'm from, California, and then I stumbled across this blog and thought, why can't I write about it too?

So here I am, new to the world of blogging, and unaffiliated with whomever wrote here before (sorry if I don't match up.... :P)



  1. You have to blog something before we can tell if you match up:)

  2. I spent 35 years in Pasadena, raising our children. 9 years ago we moved to Palm Springs and it was here that I became a member of the Palm Springs Repuiblican Women Federated at my husband's suggestion. You see, in Pasadena, the "Land of Liberals," I had a liberal sensibility, with conservative political beliefs. I was, so-to-speak, "on the fence." Well, I still recycle, adore nature, volunteer to help the less fortunate and give money to anyone with a hand out. HOWEVER, our world is upside-down at the hands of the liberals. The very foundation of our country is at risk with the liberal/socialist/communists - or, whatever you call them. Here in Palm Springs, I am free to be just who I am. In Pasadena, with many of my friends, I am not. And that's how it goes. I have called myself A CLOSET CONSERVATIVE for several years now......ignorant to the fact that there could be more out there. Well, hello to you Mr. or Ms. or Mrs. Closet Conservative! Pleased to meet you!