Monday, June 27, 2011

Change imminent or die - Republicans in Cali

Churches are on the decline all across America because largely they are among the hardest organizations to change from within. There's a say, "where you settle, there you die."

Death may be on the horizon for Californian Republicans unless something doesn't change soon.

With a change in the boundaries for many jurisdictions coupled with a more important loss in state-wide support, Republicans need to think about making more than superficial changes.

If you think change is not needed see above, but also note the stats, a 9 point loss in the past decade to about 1/3 of Californians card carrying Republicans.

The cause?

An obvious change in the electoral climate, a way to say the majority of folks are tired with hard lined Republicans.

Conversely, there is possible interest in supporting more moderate candidates.

Are there enough candidates moderate enough and capable enough to prepare for the upcoming election? Or will Democrats achieve supermajority status?

And will CRP faithful be interested in change?

I wonder how different CRP and the church really are? We'll find out come election time and who ends up running under the CRP banner. If they don't get it right this go around you can bet they'll have to blow up ship to have a chance next time around.