Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Yes, I said Christmas. No I do'nt think there's a 'war' on Christmas as much as the religious zealots on the right would want us to believe (and no matter how many times the Fox Network would suggest we're at war.) I actually think most people enjoy this time, and the vast majority or Christmas celebrants. Even if you're not then you're still happy about the holidays. Very few are true scrooges out to pull down the Christmas trees and manger scenes. So don't dwell on the bad, just enjoy the love of the present.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Got a Job? Make a few Bucks during the Holiday Rush

For the past couple of months the unemployment rate in LA has actually declined. The drop is marginal, a percent here or there, and it's also a seasonal increase. But, nonetheless, if you really wanted a job you're probably going to be able to find one at this moment. Albeit, you won't get paid much and it's gonna suck (stocking shelves for everyone buying gifts this Christmas that they can't afford), but at least you'll have a $10/hr job. Maybe it's not that rosy. If you're 75 and you and your wife have to work at Walmart for 8 hours a day during the rush to make a bit more cash, well I do'nt think you're better off even with a job (compared to none at all). Who wants to be 75 and still working (at Walmart no less). Jobless numbers in LA for last month declined to 561,500, down by about 3% from the previous month. Great news, but we'll see if it sticks in the Winter months. IF we see a rise then all this 'good news' will be indicative of a larger unresolved problem. Thanks again to san diego bankruptcy lawyers CC Legal for the stats.