Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Obama's Public Stance on Gay Marriage It's a pretty big deal to not just affirm same-sex marriage thru policy or statements, but it's quite another to come out and say, which is precisely what President Obama did. The question is whether this is going to do him more harm than good. Conservative Americans will have a hay-day considering this as an attack on the family. Bigger question is whether that angry will infact sway election results. Considering fewer and fewer Christians fight vehemently to oppose same-sex marriage, and the fact the highest divorce rates are in the states that have the toughest stance against same-sex marriage, well you get the feeling the left hand doesn't even know what left hand is doing. This is a huge public statement, no doubt. If Obama comes back into office we can assume America as a whole has turned 'the corner', sort of speak, on human rights (and to less government intervention fans out there, they should be happy to no?). If not, then we can assume this moment was one of the turning points.

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  1. Beadie . . . This shouldn't be a tough call. Marriage has been defined. The dictionary says so. "United as husband and wife". A husband by tradition is male and a wife female. It's time to consider a modern definition. Why not: "Two people united"? . . . Bump