Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Boot the Illegals! Growing Unpopularity with Republican Immigration Rhetoric

let's keep this simple. Current Latino population in California around 37%. Is that # growing or shrinking? it's growing. The next election, and the next one after that, and after that, the number of voting Latinos increases as well. OK, now let's think about current Republican rhetoric surrounding immigration. Very Tea-Party-esque, as in highly controversial and no room for dialogue. The problem with this position is that it will increasingly mean fewer and fewer election wins. Whether this is the party's inability to pay attention, or just the overall sentiment of a powerful few, the fact is no Republican has held statewide office in California since Schwarzenegger. The party is also outnumbered in the state legislature and in the congressional delegation. A group of Republican California legislators with a mixed history on immigration reform sent a letter to Congress on Thursday urging the House to pass reform by the end of the year. Most of the lawmakers have a history of opposing immigrant-friendly legislation like allowing undocumented youths a chance to pay in-state tuition for college and granting driver’s licenses to the undocumented population. They now support reform that includes a pathway to citizenship. THings seem to be shifting, slightly, with Republicans starting to vote, or imploring others to consider voting for immigrant rights in bills. This stands in stark contrast to the nation's ardent immigration opponents, but it seems to be the obvious necessity here in California. Without a shift in thinking, in consistently changing districts, seats will be lost.