Wednesday, April 8, 2015

1 Million Californians Have No Access To Safe Potable Water

According to a recent news article there are over 1 million Californians without access to clean drinking water. This comes on the heels of what may be the worst drought California has ever experienced in modern times.

Although people will have to reduce their consumption of water, particularly in the yard, it is in fact the agriculture sector that is the primary drain on our resource. About 80% of water usage in this state is for agriculture. If you're paying attention that means we export most of our water in the form of agricultural products.

What can we hope for? Well this will be solved by a deluge of rain. Certainly there is a need for rain, but there is a culture and a overuse problem. That's a hard one to solve, but when we run out of water completely it may lead to some drastic and immediate changes.

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