Monday, May 9, 2016

Could it be Trump?

The fracturing in the Republican Party over the past eight years as come to a head. Without any competent front runner, the party seems to be slated to pick, of all nominees, Donald Trump.

What seemed impossible only months ago how seems destined for reality. The ones bankrupt Trump is more known for his lucrative business deals and B-celebrity status, then he is for any form of political acumen.

That doesn't seem to be stopping voters. In fact it's working to his advantage. What's disconcerting about the whole enterprise is quite simply his rhetoric. the 'fresh attitude' needed in Washington is going points with prospective voters, but his inability to display common sense and common courtesy to his rivals could I will be his undoing. How he seems to continue  to garner support despite is at times immature commentary, speaks volumes about voters, but also speaks volumes about the state of the Republican Party.

One thing is absolutely for certain, after this has all blown over there will be a complete overhaul of the Party.

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