Friday, November 11, 2016

4 Years of Trump

Well, maybe 3.5 years since he'll have to learn so much.

In a completely unlikely victory, if you believed the pundits, and much to the dismay of blue States, Donald Trump pulled it out of the hat and not only won the Presidency, but Republicans also won the House and Senate.

There's something to be said about the state of politics in this country.

The running narratives?

  • Trump somehow managed to deflect the character assassinations and appeal heavily to working class white America, particularly religious conservatives (yes, the irony is thick here.)
  • Trump's keys was appealing to the average middle class worker with this straight shooter approach. Very little in terms of platform, but a lot in rhetoric, and most of that geared towards the 'elitist' narrative the Democrats and Clinton were relying on (or rather, were just playing out.)
  • Democrats didn't show. 6 Million fewer votes. You can bet that the debacle with 'nominating' Clinton over Sanders was the main reason, and likely cost the Dems swing stats like PA, MN, and OH.
  • Class and race warfare will now be pronounced in the ensuing 4 years.

It would seem as though the notion of progressive policies for this country will take a backseat in the next four years. Whether or not Trump softens his harsh rhetoric and learns how to be President remains to be seen.

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