Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Lawmakers Press for Mandatory Vaccination

I remember reading in National Geographic he's recently on the war on science. Popular opinion seems to be out weighing scientific evidence. There was a time when you couldn't get into a public school without showing your immunization records. Downtime has long since passed. Private schools have enabled parents to enrol their children without having up-to-date vaccinations. The anti-VAX movement has developed largely on pseudoscience the opinions of the C-list celebrities. Forget what the scientific community has stated for decades, the reality is it because we haven't had a massive outbreak in recent memory, there is a false sense that vaccinations are no longer necessary. If you remember a time when polio was ravaging the country you whenever in your right mind argue that vaccinations were a bad idea. Because of our relative health, ironically from the use vaccinations, the memory of many Californians has faded. Be at the left-wing liberals are the right wing conservative, it doesn't really matter. People are not making informed decisions and those who are being affected and put in harms way our children. It's sad that a legislative action needs to be enacted in order for something to be done.

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